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The Importance of Standards


In our previous blog we covered policies and procedures, up next is standards. I like to explain standards like this; if you are going to be doing an electrical connection in a certain place, there’s the industry standard that you need to meet. There are certain types of material that you need to buy, there are certain types of procedures that you need to follow. For example you need to ensure that there are no live wires around, you cannot live in a place where there are live wires around. Somebody could have their lives endangered, they could get electrocuted, they may be badly injured or even this could cause death right? You don’t want those things to happen.

It sets the ‘standard’

There could be other standards around the quality of the work. You want things wired a particular way because you know based on your experience that this is the fastest way possible to actually get this whole place wired. There could be standards around the kinds of material the company is going to use. For example, if one of our clients was in luxury homes you wouldn’t want to be using unbranded items. You would be using top of the range switchboards and top of the range lighting etc.

It helps with decision making

So having all these procedures in place or all these standards in place allows people to make decisions. This is because in a place where you have five employees, ten employees, twenty employees very quickly you lose track of things. As you lose track of things unless there’s true north in place (when I say true north I mean standards) then people don’t know what needs to get done.

Standards give people a guideline of how to make decisions. It gives them guidance when purchasing products so they know what to purchase.

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