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Share the love with your employees this Valentine’s Day


In the past, we’ve worked with many clients who undervalue the importance of showing gratitude when it comes to their staff. Not because they don’t value their employees, but more because they mistakenly believe that the only rewards their staff are interested in come in the form of a huge bonus or a pay rise.

This is not the case! Our business coaches have worked with a lot of different personalities across a lot of different industries and sectors. When it comes to staff morale, each workplace shares one thing in common:

The most satisfied employees perform better and don’t seek to move on quickly when they are appreciated by “the powers that be.”

Additionally, in our experience, we’ve found that rewarding staff with bonuses or pay increases is actually less effective than putting your thinking cap on and making an effort. Best of all, this method of saying thanks doesn’t have to see you emptying your pockets. At the end of the day, most small businesses are working to tight budgets and can’t really afford lush parties.

So for those of you seeking ideas to demonstrate just how much you appreciate all of the hard work your employees put in day-in, day-out, here’s our list of top ideas (they’re pretty fun too!).

Organise a Valentine’s Day office lunch

This can be as hands-on or as hands-off as you’d like. Encourage people to have a little Valentine’s Day themed fun in the office by blowing up balloons, bringing in heart-shaped sweats and sharing a meal together at lunch. Providing it’s possible in your workplace (unfortunately, it’s probably not for the likes of a call centre and so on), it’s great to have a casual chat and share food with the people you spend the most time in your life with. And for those of you who don’t want to have to prepare food or your office isn’t made up of eager cooks, there’s always takeaway!

Give your team a personalised note

Our next idea won’t cost you a thing. On Valentine’s Day, why not head into the office a little earlier to surprise your team with this idea. It’s perfectly doable if you’re heading up a relatively small team. Simply grab a small note and write a personalised message to each member of your team, telling them why they make your workplace special. Just a note of caution with this one, it’s best to stay away from anything that could be misconstrued.

Organise a work get-together and share some food and drinks 

Sometimes, this is just the easiest way of gathering everyone to have a casual chat and to share food and drinks together. It’s as simple as inviting everyone over to the local pub for a meal and banning work discussion from the table. Allowing your team to bond and become friends is incredibly vital to your long-term success. As they say, teams that play together stay together.

We’ve shared some pretty simple tips here but time and time again, we’ve seen these kind of small things make all the difference in the workplace. Every single one of us needs to feel appreciated and connected and there’s nothing worse than a job that represents nothing else than paying the bills (we’ve all had them in the past!).

This Valentine’s Day, make it your mission to ensure your team knows they’re making a difference and that they aren’t taken for granted. A little bit of effort early on in the year is sure to see job satisfaction rates increase, leading to more engage workers whose outputs are of the highest quality.

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