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Grow with sustainable profits


The next 4 key rings we are going to talk about will consistently bring results from your team and sustainable profits. Profitability in a system ensures that your level of productivity is maximised, and maximum productivity leads to maximum profits. Gone are the days where your revenue, sales and profit target that you set at the beginning year is there but by the middle of the year you realise you’ve totally missed the mark by a long shot, right? We don’t want that, we don’t want you to have problems in delivering to your business plan. That is where the 4 key rings become very important:

One is about providing a WOW experience to your customer, and the remaining three are; the right people, the right strategy, and the right execution.

I was talking to Chris, a CEO of a $2B company, and he said to me that people are everything in business – I totally agree with him. If you have the wrong people, there will be friction in your team, which will cause productivity to skydive and drop. Usually when this happens you usually lose your best guys because they know they can find work elsewhere.

Hire the best and place trust in them

I want to share with you another secret in business: your goal is not to try and do everything by yourself. Your goal in business is to hire the best brain the country has to offer, or the world for that matter, and you want to bring all of these smart people together. The best thing here is if you bring the best brains together and you get them motivated, they are the ones that will find the best strategy for you, and that’s why you’re paying them the big bucks! That’s why you want the best people around you, the best marketer, the best business coach, the best manager and the best leaders in your organisation.

Once they have created an bullet-proof strategy they are going to be keen to execute it. But what I have seen time and time again, there are so many business owners that try to think about their whole business. They try to think about their whole strategy, but then they show it to their people and their people are not sold on it, because it was not part of the creation. It is important to trust your people, and that is the whole reason why you’re paying the big bucks to have them on your team. It’s important that you give them your trust, and as you do that, they will reward you with strategies and tasks that will help your business grow at an incredible speed.

Execution is key

Business is not about reinventing the wheel, it’s about taking strategies that work and using them in your business.

Tweak the strategy in the right places, to create a competitive advantage for you. With that advantage, you realise your place in the market. In creating this kick-ass business strategy, this is where myself and my team come into play. During this whole process, we work with your team in creating and helping them create the best strategy for you. We will work to identify the strategies that are really going to work in the business.

We provide your team with the tools, techniques and the tactics that you need to execute the plan, and we constantly monitor your progress during the execution process.

We test and measure to find where we can incorporate different tactics and strategies in the market to see what works!

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