Our Goal: To Create Prosperous and
Rewarding Businesses
Our team at 81up provides resources that show entrepreneurs and business owners how to think and perform like CEOs. We provide guidance regarding maximizing profits, growing the right team, increasing revenue, boosting productivity and effectively scaling operations. In addition, our team shows them how to obtain more freedom, save time and do what they truly enjoy doing.
If you are a business owner or entrepreneur who wants incredible results, streamlined operations and additional free time, while also being able to take advantage of your competitive edge, our team will be able to assist you.
Business Growth Experts
We fully understand that SMEs face unique challenges. We are a specialised performance management and business coaching team, meaning that our systems, strategies and methods have not only been tested, but also proven to help business scale up quickly. To date, we have assisted clients with generating more than $100M in profits, while also tripling overall revenue every one to three years on average.
Proven Strategies
Our 81up Business System has been established according to systems, techniques and methods that have been specially developed for our business and those of our clients. All members are provided with 24/7 access to training material, resources, templates and examples.
Business Expertise
Our principal partner’s families have been effectively operating their businesses for three generations in several different industries ranging from engineering to baking. During the past three decades, we have assisted more than 280 entrepreneurs to expand their already thriving businesses with our consulting, training and coaching programs.

Cutting Edge Strategies
Our team continually researches, designs and tests the newest, marketing, business, sales, HR, leadership and system strategies. In addition, we have various leading business experts in to share their expertise and knowledge with you.
Developing Ongoing Success
We firmly believe in building sustainable, profitable and systemised businesses. Our team trains business owners to become CEOs that can focus on innovation and company expansion while still doing what they enjoy most in business. This can only take place with the correct business foundation; systems and team members so your company can operate optimally while you are not present and still increase profits and overall business value.
Achieving Excellence Together
Our team continually improves the 81up business model to incorporate the best business strategies, techniques and systems that will provide business owners with phenomenal results. Each of our team members has a burning desire to do what is best for our clients, which ensures excellent results all round.
Exceeding Limitations
The motivation and mindset of our clients is paramount to their success. Our team firmly believes in developing an environment for clients that encourages stellar performance, inspiration and of course, results. This provides them with the ability to exceed their initial limitations and achieve exceptional results with far more predictability.
Taking your Business to New Heights
Today’s business world is constantly changing, meaning that businesses must reinvent themselves at least every seven to ten years so they can keep up with current industry trends. So many powerful businesses from previous eras such as Kodak and Sony are not nearly as well known these days. Our team is always learning something new and improving what they do to provide your business with the competitive edge it needs.
UP is the Only Way to Go
Our team is results driven. As a result, they always set benchmarks and establish the correct KPIs. This enables them to help you boost your revenue growth, increase productivity and boost profit margins. Our team will assist you with determining and setting targets, monitoring overall progress and provide you with encouragement to help you achieve what you thought was impossible before.
Our History – More than 100 Years of Entrepreneurship
Our current team is the third generation to be operating businesses and through this time, they have become experts with regards to the various core business principles that do not change. This is just one reason why all of our clients are developing and growing successful businesses.

“Over the past 3 years we have built an exciting team at Nobody Denim thanks to the guidance of Nik. During this period, we have double our revenue from 7 figures in annual revenue and established ourselves firmly in the eight figures. I remember before hiring Nik as my business coach, I was working ridiculous hours including weekend. He has guided me to become a better leader. He has taught me how to recruit the right leaders and the right talent. He has coached me on how to become a better leader and how to communicate effectively with my team. It is so much easier today to delegate on the outcome and trust my team to figure out the how. I have the choice to work less than 20 hour a week. I’ve learnt through Nik’s business coaching that the more I work on my business, the faster I grow my business.”

John Condilis
- Nobody Denim

“I run an HR consulting business called HR Gurus and we work with small to medium sized businesses setting up outsourced HR functions. After working with Nik for a few weeks, my business and my personal mindset has been transformed. It was hard to hold up the mirror and admit that certain things about my business and me personally had to change but I now feel totally excited about the future. Nik has helped me to reconnect with my passion and why I started my business in the first place. Nik helped me to focus on what I am best at and in turn what products I should be offering based on this. My business is leaner, meaner and set up to succeed. In the last 2 weeks I have signed 3 new clients on, which is total of $150,000 in sales, which is already half of what I did in the whole of last year!”

Emily Jaksch
- HRGurus

“Previous to my meeting with Nik, my services and customer base seemed so wide it was hard to clearly explain it to anyone. I felt fearful and lost and realised for the first time I didn’t have a clear marketing focus, therefore what I do is unclear to my clients. Nik changed that. I now feel a positive drive, passion and enthusiasm for what I can do to help individuals and companies with injury prevention and management. Nik challenged me with questions, thoughts and ideas that I had never even thought about, and his ability to grasp and understand my business and identify the niche market needs was amazing. He has helped me with sales and marketing and I have gone from making $800 a day to $4,500 a day. I honestly can’t thank Nik enough!”

Sandra Taylor
- Worksite Solutions

“Hey Guys, I’m Mick Stillman from MaxPower Electrical. The 81up Business Coaching team has been instrumental in helping me establish my business system and move from a paper based business into the clouds. Things are so much different today. I used to have a stockpile of papers around the office. If you come to my office, you will find less clutter around my desk that’s a bonus. Even more exciting, I get to impress my clients. They used to have to wait a few days before I send them a quote. These days, I walk to site, measure up the place, enter it into my cloud based systems, create a quote, save it, send it and boom! Within minutes, it is in my client’s inbox. Follow up is so much easier and usually happens the next day. With this in place, I have noticed an increase in quote conversion. Less work, more money. Thumbs UP.”

Michael Stillman
- MaxPower Electrical

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