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5 top secrets salespeople won’t tell you (that we will)


So, you’ve got this great product or service that you’ve been developing for a little while and now you’re up to the hard part: selling it to your ideal customer. For many business owners, sales isn’t their best skill. In fact, just mentioning sales techniques makes them feel quite uncomfortable. We can’t be great at everything, right?

What should you do if you know you’ve got a great product or service but you’re not exactly a natural when it comes to sales? First-up, don’t get down on yourself – the best leaders know that we’re all a constant work in progress.

Remember, your mind is a powerful thing and when you fill it with positive thoughts, you’re capable of anything.

This is especially important when it comes to sales.

The Shockwave team has extensive experience working on selling techniques with all kinds of businesses, across numerous sectors. Regardless of the product or service at play, there are a few secrets that apply across the board when it comes to selling. While the best salespeople may hold their cards close to their chest, we want to see you succeed.

So no more waiting! Here are 5 secrets that top salespeople use consistently to seal the deal:

#1. Care about your customer

9 times out of 10, before anyone will consider buying anything from you, you’ll need to spend time building trust. Before you even start chatting about your product or service, show them you care about them by honing in on something you know about them. Sure, this may require you to do a little homework but it’s well worth it.

Remember, we are all people and you should never consider a potential customer just another number.

Do you share a common interest? With experience, you’ll start to realise what some of the best conversation starters are and use them to build a rapport with your potential customers.

#2. They know their product or service will make a difference

You may hear of companies who have quotas to fill and so on but the best salespeople never try to sell a product or service to someone who can’t genuinely benefit from it. Even if you’re trying to sell to someone and you really don’t believe it can help them, you’re going to struggle to achieve the sale. It’s incredibly important to sell benefits… what does your product/service do and why is that important? How is the product or service going to make someone’s situation or life better?

#3. Connect with your customer

Words are one thing but you can learn a lot about people and how they’re thinking or feeling by tuning into your senses. These small details can help you to earn your customer’s trust and erase any doubts or concerns they may have. For example, if you’re chatting with someone and they have a look of disbelief on their face, address it. Ask them the question (what are you concerned about?) – this shows you’re interested in learning about someone’s real needs and that you’re listening.

#4. Meet people in person

There’s nothing quite like that personal touch – selling to someone face-to-face is a lot easier than selling via a telephone. We’ve also seen a lot of businesses pouring huge amounts of money into advertising or direct mail but at the end of the day, if you’re new to selling, nothing is going to beat getting out there and meeting people in person. This allows you to study their body language and learn quicker. Sure, phoning people is an option but realise that this too is an acquired skill.

#5: If you don’t succeed, try again

Most salespeople will tell you patience and persistence are both essential to what they do. In a lot of cases, you’ll need to touch base with potential customers two or three times before they’re ready to  purchase your product or service. Don’t let a “not right now”, deter you from following up.

It’s really important to realise that selling is a skill and that not all of us are naturals.

Never forget that extraordinary things happen because of courageous business owners like you! Regardless of where you’re starting from though, we can all learn the tips and tricks that’ll help to boost sales. Keen to see how a Shockwave business coach might be able to help you? Contact us on (03) 9016 0428 and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible to organise a complimentary coaching session.

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