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4 key reasons why it’s important to have Policies and Procedures


One of our clients has just asked us how can we embed standard policies and procedures into their business. To bring it into context it’s very important for us to understand why standard policies and procedures are so important!

Look at it like a parameter you have the policies at the top, you have the standards and then at the bottom you have the polices and the procedures with that. So it works as a parameter.

It creates order

If you don’t have policies and procedures in place then everyone will go feral in the business. Just imagine if you had ten people doing what they wanted to do in the business, what would happen? It would create havoc, people will be trying to do everything and nothing would work, especially if you are working on critical projects and you have a deadline to deliver. For example because there are no policies around how to order the material your staff cannot get anything done.

It maximises productivity

You get to the site and you don’t have what you need, people are twiddling their thumbs and nothing is being done. So it creates a lot of inefficiencies. So what you do want is clear policies and I am not talking about thick reams of documents like as thick as the bible or thicker that people actually need to go through and try to read through it, it doesn’t work that way. What you want is only one or two pages.

You want single line policies that are so clear, so concise and so easy to understand that it makes sense.

It stops a loss of time and money

You visit the site and you may find what the builder is asking you to build is different to what is in the specs. So if you didn’t have a policy in place then people won’t actually know what to do. Some people may choose to do the work but it hasn’t been costed. It means that after the completion of the work your company is not going to be able to invoice for the work which means loss of time, loss of money and loss money in raw materials right? Plus the loss of revenue.

It puts you in control of what gets done

Others may look at it and say “I am not going to do the work at all” and maybe they will call back to head office. Maybe that’s a better thing to do and others because there is no policy they will say “well, like I am just going to pack up and go back home and there is no work for me today.” So, onsite if you don’t have clear policies defined what will happen is these people will just do what they want. You will have no control on what’s being done and you won’t have a way of training them, coaching them and managing their performance.

If you would like to implement proper policies and procedures into your business please reach out to us here.

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