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10x More Results, Less Nonsense


Today I’d like to share with you the power of clarity in business and how you can get 10x more results in less time. I’ve created a symbol to represent this, which is the bullseye, which is a very commonly used symbol when it comes to shooting an actual target.

Know your vision and let it empower you

In business, you need to know where exactly you’re headed, you need to be crystal clear about the results and the outcome that you want. Otherwise every single day you lose, you’re going in the wrong direction, you’re getting further away from your target outcome.

So, how does that help you?

In terms of where you’re headed and your results and your outcome, there are a few things. One of them is with being clear with your vision. This is because when your vision is empowering; every day you wake up motivated. You know where you’re headed, and you act with purpose.

Have a clear sense of direction

The third thing is whenever it comes to taking action, you’re doing so with absolute commitment. If you’re taking action and you’re committed to it, the likelihood of you getting 10x more results is far greater. If you don’t have this in place your vision becomes clouded. When your vision is clouded, chances are that you’ll be meandering, and you won’t be getting results. Unfortunately, there are too many business owners out there that are unclear about where they’re headed, and as a result, they’re not getting what they want. As business owners, you want to make a difference, we’re out here to make a difference to the people, to ourselves, to the people we love, those around us, and those in our greater community.

I believe that as business owners, we are meant to create positive change.

Clarity should be a very clear concept, but there is something that stands between us. Between us, the business owner, you, or any other business owners out there, and where you want to head, your target, the stuff that motivates you.

That is the stuff that stops you from being clear, just imagine that this cloud is a big fog, or a thick cloud that if you were an airplane and your navigation system is broken. In this fog, with wind blowing around, you don’t know where you’re headed, you don’t know what’s ahead of you, and you can’t see what’s ahead of you, so there’s a moment

Also, because of the wind blowing, you don’t know whether you’re going up or down, left or right, because you lose a sense of direction in the fog and in the air. If that happens, there is a high chance that you may lose your bearing and if that the case you are headed for a big disaster. You’ll be crashing. Equally, you we don’t want that to happen in your business, absolutely not.

These are the decisions that you make when you are working on the business. Quite often, instead of spending our time working on the business, so we have a smooth run to our target, what happens is we let ourselves down, because we get caught up with the day to day running of a business, this is typical.

Isn’t it time to move past the bulls**t?

Before they starting working us, these are the issues that my clients experience which take their focus away from the core objective. That could be you. You may have ahead of you a mountain load of paperwork, or you may be experiencing cash flow issues. Alternatively, you may find that you’re having issues with non-conforming staff. It is a very typical problem where staff feel and sense of entitlement and making demands from the business.

Or, you may have a leaky, broken pipe and you don’t know how to fix it. This is causing you stress because you know that you’re missing out on lots of opportunities and you could be tripling your business right as we speak. Who knows, you could having conflicts in your business.

All this stuff are distractions that takes your limited time away from what you should be doing which is working on the business. And if you’re not providing a service or product that meets your customers’ expectation, you risk losing out of referrals and revenue.

I have created a quick list of all the stuffs that demands your attention but steal away the limited time you have to work on the business.

The broken pipe

The conflicts

The unhappy customers

The non-conforming staff

The tight cash flow

You’re unclear about your finances or your paperwork

All of this stuff stops you getting the results you want.

How do we go from the bulls**t to the bullseye? Here is a little trick.

As a business owner, it’s about getting clear on what’s inside this fog. At times, we’re not even going to be aware that things are causing a hassle for you. You’re not even aware because you’re in the business, you’re stuck in the tunnel vision, and you’re looking at fixing this problem and that problem. As a result, because you are working in the business and it’s a perfect storm, your focus is right there, fixing the business. I guess, in the hope that should make things better, but in reality it does not always work this way.

Quite often, because we are human beings after all, it’s quite difficult to actually stay focused when there are just so many other things that come up day-to-day in your business. To find time to actually take a step back and work on your business is near impossible. We’ll this is what we may think at that time. Until you get a coach.

That’s why my clients find it extremely useful to have a coach. All my clients like to meet with me on a regular basis, as we go through things together. Usually they come out of these training sessions having made decisions they would not have otherwise made. This means, it helps them to get more sales, more productivity, at a relatively less cost, and more profits

I help my clients make decisions that they should be making now but are not.

One is to cut through the bullshit. A very-experienced business owner has experienced many challenges in business and will help you cut through the bullshit straight away so that you get clearer on your business. He or she will allow you to focus and stay on the mission. So, you are constantly motivated, and you are motivated to go further ahead in business so that you can grab the prize at the end, whatever that prize is for you. Thirdly, as you and your team take action, you take action with commitment.

Ultimately, what I want for you is ten times more results, I really want you to be getting ten times more results in your business in less time. Life is not all about working, life is about enjoying your life and your lifestyle, doing the things that we love doing, have meaning and make a difference somewhere. If you’re stuck in your office behind your desk trying to fix the storm, then you won’t be living to your fullest potential. I want that for you.

You have the power to choose

That said, what I’d like to do is I’d like to reward you by giving you one of my worksheets. I call ‘10x,’ the power of clarity in business. In that, we are going to help you get clear on your mission and vision. We will also help you set up your strategy goals and establish the hunger to get those goals for your business so that you can get to your results faster, with less effort.

If you want a copy post in the comments below “POWER” and I will send you a copy as soon as I see your email!

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