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Is a lack of effective systems holding you back? Is your company all you can think about? Do you constantly spend time rectifying errors made by team members? Is your business able to function while you are not present? Are you out of date when it comes to technology?
Do you know what’s happening with your finances? Do you have an understanding regarding the figures that drive your company? Do you have fluctuating cash flow that is causing you a significant amount of stress? Are you charging correctly for your products or services? Do your employees earn more than you take home?
Are your sales team members achieving current targets? Are sales consistently increasing? Are you aware of what your lead to conversion ratio is? Does your business have a sales system set up? Do you feel satisfied with the current market share of your business?
Do you have difficulty managing your team? Are you providing you with the results you want? Have you had enough of trying to deal with employee issues? Are you struggling to handle poorly performing team members? Is there are type of system in place to hire the right employees for your business?
Are you aware of the amount of leads you need to attain current sales targets? Do you stress over where future sales will come from? Are you working with challenging and low profit customers because of attracting incorrect leads?
Do you have too much to do and aren’t able to provide team members with clear direction? Are you stuck thinking about your company’s day-to-day functioning? When last did you put any time into your business? Do you have a definite vision for your lifestyle and business?

“We’ve grown our revenue by 6 times! We’ve been working with Shockwave for 12 months and now have a fast growing electrical business. Before, we had lost faith… it was all too hard. We questioned ourselves. When we connected with our Shockwave business coaches, they gave us clarity – now, our aim is to exceed $1 million this year.”

Luke and Matt Parker
- LPE Electrical

Our Mission
Helping you Create a Thriving Business
At 81up, our team shows entrepreneurs and business owners how they can perform as CEOs. We provide advice regarding profit maximization, building the best team, increasing revenue as quickly as possible, boosting productivity and scaling operations. Along with this, we show them how to gain more time each day, obtain the freedom they desire and do what they truly enjoy doing.
If you are after top notch results, enjoy more free time, develop a correctly systemised operation and fully capitalise on your existing competitive edge, our team will be able to assist you.
Business Improvement Experts
Our team knows that SMEs face several unique challenges. As a result, our expert performance management and business coaching team uses various proven and tested systems and techniques that help businesses scale up as quickly as possible. Over the years, we have assisted clients to generate more than $100M in profits, while also tripling their revenue every one to three years.
Business Experience
Families of our principal partners have been operating their businesses successfully for three consecutive generations in numerous industries. During the past 30 years, we have assisted more than 280 business owners to expand their enterprises through our training, coaching and consulting programs.
Proven Systems
Our 81up Business System has been compiled based on several systems, techniques and strategies that we have developed not only for our client’s businesses, but also for our own companies. Members are provided with 24/7 access to all of our training resources, sessions, templates and examples as well.
Advanced Strategies
Our team is constantly designing, researching and testing the newest and most advanced sales, business, marketing, leadership and HR strategies. At times, we also have leading entrepreneurs and business experts share their extensive knowledge with you.
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