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Easy ways to increase your sales this Valentine’s Day


February 14, aka Valentine’s Day: it’s a day that people tend to love or loathe for a variety of reasons. Regardless of your personal feelings, if you have a business and especially if you’re in retail, it benefits you to jump onto the peak retail period bandwagon. And that means embracing days like Valentine’s Day.

As long as you’ve taken the time to prepare your Valentine’s Day marketing ideas ahead of time, taking full advantage doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. You know people are going to be out there in search of gifts for their loved ones – here are 5 easy ways you can make your Valentine’s Day in 2017, one to remember!

Utilise the power of upselling and cross-selling your products 

Before you can really harness the power of upselling and cross-selling, it’s important to understand the difference between each:

Upselling: when you encourage customers to purchase a similar item that is worth more than the item they originally intend to purchase.

Cross-selling: when you invite customers to consider related or complementary items to what they’ve already bought.

While many factors come into play in regards to making upselling and cross-selling work in business, this piece of advice is crucial: only offer upsells and cross-sells that make sense. The last thing you want to do is offer items that make no sense in relation to your customer’s purchasing habits. For instance, if a customer was browsing through your website and looking at make-up, you wouldn’t want to prompt them to buy a piece of furniture. These kind of cross-sells tend to lead to frustration more than anything else.

Think outside the box  

Creativity and standing out from your competitors will take you a long way in business. Valentine’s Day isn’t just about couples – love comes in many different shapes and sizes. Have a brainstorming session with your team (or yourself if you’re flying solo) and don’t put any limitations on what you might be able to create. Depending on your specific business and target market, you can come up with some great ideas that include almost everyone.

Use email marketing effectively 

You’ll hear marketers say this time and time again: when it comes to reaching your customers, there’s no better tool than utilising your email marketing list. While you might find that you’re competing with heaps of noise on social media, email marketing is a direct communication channel where you can chat to people who are already customers. Send out offers people won’t be able to refuse and be mindful of not emailing people too much (this will eventually lead them to unsubscribe and that’s not what you want!).

Get your content marketing up to scratch 

Are your blogs doing what they should be doing? Do they leave new customers and loyal customers with a lasting impression? Don’t just pump content out for the sake of it. It’s better to blog less and put out quality content than to publish weekly blogs that may miss the mark. If you find it difficult to step outside your business, ask others for their opinion about the content you’re producing.

Devise gift guides if you can 

Not everyone is great at gift giving and others are just downright time poor. If you’ve got the kind of product or service that is relevant to Valentine’s Day, make it as easy as possible for your customers to make a purchase. Put together a short and snappy gift guide jam-packed with suggestions and take the work out the equation for your customers.  

There you have it, 5 really quick and simple Valentine’s Day promotion ideas you can implement quickly.

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