Is business coaching the missing piece in your business’ jigsaw puzzle?

Living your life to its fullest doesn’t have to be hard.

We identify the areas of your business standing between you and your dreams.

As business owners who have been through the hardships and struggles involved in starting and running a successful business, we can relate to how you feel. If you know there is a better way of running your business but aren’t quite sure where to find that help, you’re in the right place!

Our promise to you:

  1. Work alongside you as your business partners to achieve results.
  2. Build a business that sees you living life to its fullest.
Success starts with you. Your courage has led you to where you are now and the next step awaits.


Meet your coach

During your complimentary session with a coach we personally selected for you,we take the time to understand your dreams, what barriers you’re facing and your immediate needs. Your coach will talk you through how you can achieve immediate results and how we guide you towards long-term, sustainable change


Getting started

Our comprehensive assessment involves us looking at these nine key aspects of your business in detail: strategic planning, leadership, work/life balance, finance/profitability, marketing, sales, service, team, systems and productivity. We’ll then discuss your business’ current situation, identify the most pressing issues and prioritise the steps that’ll pave the way towards results.


Time to set your goals

Now that we’ve addressed the most pressing issues, we can focus on creating your future. Where do you want your business to be in 5 to 10 years? What is your vision? You’ll work through these vital questions with your coach, ensuring your vision reflects your values,beliefs and culture. From its size and location to identifying your target market, product mix and financial results,this becomes the foundation of your business


We keep you accountable while being there for you

Together, you and your coach will work through your business plan and goals.We’ll ask you the right questions and track key metrics to ensure nothing has slipped under the radar and ensure you remain on target to meet both your short and long term goals. We work however you work best – we understand you’re busy so we can work via digital videoconferencing so that your day isn’t disrupted and schedule face-to-face meetings for more important planning sessions. Our coaching packages provide you with more details about how you’ll work with your coach.

Your blueprint to a sustainable business

Several aspects are involved in creating a sustainable, successful business.Our team has developed a system based on our replicated successes spanning across numerous industries.

The proof lies in the fact that the business owners who have followed our
system have all achieved similar results. The Shockwave blueprint allows us to guide you through each step and, together, we adapt each element to suit your needs.

Why hire a Shockwave coach?

Maximise revenue and profits

Your coach will work alongside you to create a financial forecast, a plan to improve your top and bottom lines and then guide you through its implementation. You’ll set-up a system that allows you to manage your cash flow. We also go deep into your customer journey to maximise both your conversion and retention rates of your customers. Your dream is one step closer as we work with you to squeeze as much profit as possible out of your business, while running a sustainable business that nurture their employees, their community and the environment.

A more valuable business

A thriving, sustainable business is about more than revenue, profits and cash flow. This is why the Shockwave program goes that step further and focuses on your growth trajectory as well as those repeatable, proprietary processes. As a result, your business will inevitably become more appealing to potential buyers while also being easier for you to manage.

Result: enjoy the lifestyle you deserve

It’s always easier to do than to delegate in business. We understand because we’ve been there – our many businesses have seen us dealing with all kinds of situations. Based on our learnings, we’ll guide you to become an empowering manager (delegate as opposed to doing),an entrepreneur (think strategically and act rather than react) and a leader. You’ll end up with the business you always wanted as well as staff that embrace and thrive in your company and culture. Happy staff will mean better customer service.This means your customers will be busy raving about your business!

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