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We don’t just teach you how to run your business and maximise your profits. We know extraordinary things happen when courageous business owners like you pursue their dreams.

We’ve built Shockwave knowing that:

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  • With the right strategy and expertise, you too can turn your business into a profitable, self-running business.
  • You can have a business where you choose when you want to work and from where.


How are we so sure? We are business owners and we have all nurtured our business into thriving sustainable businesses… some of us multiple times. Our businesses span across numerous industries and our business expertise stems from that wealth of experience. This has armed us with a deeper understanding of the complex balance that every business needs to be remarkable.

Take the next step and see how we make living your dream a reality.

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  • Do you want to turn your brilliant idea into a tangible solution for your clients’ problems?
  • Do you want to re-claim your business and live the life you always dreamed of?


Our approach

Why are we so confident that we can help you?

We start where you are. What this means is that our team will work alongside you to understand your needs. Every business is different and every business owner has a unique personality and skill-set.

We are your soundboard every step of the way. In your business coaching sessions,your business coach will delve deeper into … whatever areas you’re struggling with…a solid Business Plan, leadership skills…, cash flow management, those all important financials. This step gives our clients an aha moment as the penny finally drops and you get clear on why you are struggling and what you can do to solve it.

We are your support team as we guide you with the right strategies, tools and techniques to build a remarkable business. The days of being alone in business are over as you have us by your side.

We drive phenomenal results. Talk is cheap. You are not in business to be a slave to your demanding business. In fact, you started the business to realise an amazing dream that has lots of meaning to you and is worthy of all your sweat and effort. What does phenomenal mean? To us, it means developing a remarkable business that gives you the lifestyle and freedom to choose what you truly love doing.

Our people

“We believe you are worthy of pursuing and realising your dreams, we admire your resilience and we are here to support you on your journey.”

Our coaches are everyday Australian business owners who believe in a common set of philosophies.

We have faced similar challenges to you in our own businesses and we emphathise with the difficulties you experience. It’s likely you’re contending with business issues we would have come across and resolved through our collective experience in our businesses and while helping other clients.

We have our own unique strengths and personalities and this unique blend creates an innovative hub of ideas on how to solve your business challenges.

Our team is here to complement you and we work together to strike the right balance. For example, many business owners prefer that we do all the hard thinking in their business so they are free to do what they love doing the most in business.

Our story

Born seven years apart, Nik and Cheryl are the brother and sister team behind Shockwave. Born into a family of entrepreneurs, their parents and grandparents were involved in their own businesses and as kids, working in the family business was their playground. In between serving customers, the ever curious children would scurry off to play hide and seek. What they didn’t know at the time is that their bond would see the two uniting in the future to help everyday Australian business owners who believe in a common set of philosophies.

At just 13, Nik was already involved in his first joint venture with his father, running a packing and operations business after school. This ignited the fire in his belly to run a business and he chose to pursue this path after graduating from high school as opposed to going to medical school as his grandfather hoped. As for Cheryl, her apprenticeship began at the tender age of 11 when she would tag along with her older brother, learning everything about increasing sales, upselling and cross-selling. When the time came, unlike Nik, Cheryl chose to study medicine and credits becoming a doctor for her thick skin and understanding of what makes people tick and how to manage people. Fast-forward many years and their passion for business and helping others sees Nik and Cheryl working together again – learn more about why they started Shockwave.

Our mission – what drives us to achieve new heights each day

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  • People like you inspire us everyday.
  • No matter the adversity, you have the courage to face all
    odds and pursue your dream.
  • Even when things may be tough, you’re here right now
    researching how you can make your business better.
  • It is a privilege to be part of your journey.


Our ultimate reward lies in guiding you to your dream in the fastest and most sustainable way possible.

Now, let’s talk about you!

Why do you wake up each day for your business?

Even when the going is a bit tough, you still get up out of bed and continue to take on the world. We want to know about what gets you out of bed and the challenges that are keeping you awake at night because we most probably hold the keys to breaking down those barriers and launching you on your way to creating your truly remarkable business.

Do you want to create a business that is extraordinary so that you can grow and
build on the business you currently run?

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