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5 simple ways you can start building the lifestyle you deserve


We think someone’s been telling us fibs. Well, not just us, you too. Our Shockwave team believe all business owners deserve a lifestyle that makes them bounce out of bed with excitement each morning. For some reason, we’ve been led to believe that this kind of lifestyle is a luxury and exists only for ‘a lucky few’.

At the end of the day, we create our lives and we’re responsible for building our own futures. That’s exactly why we’re not scared to admit that our business coaches think big. When we start working with clients, we set the bar high and to be honest, they’re a little blown away to begin with. The results speak for themselves – we’ve worked with businesses to grow their revenue by 6 times within a 12-month period (click here to read more). We’ve got numerous clients currently working towards making their first million dollars and others building on their already-million dollar empires.

The journey to success isn’t an easy one and there are many steps along the way. Even in your darkest of times, the worst thing you can do is lose hope. If you’re experiencing a few bumps in the road, we’ve put together a list of 5 simple ways that you can start building the lifestyle you deserve. Best of all, you can get started on these areas right now!

Put together or update your Business Plan 

Going public is not a Business Plan” – Henry Kravis

How true this one is! In the past, we’ve worked with people who’ve been in business for five years or longer who’ve never had a Business Plan. Sure, things might have gone okay if they’ve survived that long but just imagine what could have been achieved with a solid strategy and execution techniques. With others, it’s more a case of having a Business Plan that hasn’t been updated – you should look at your Business Plan annually or as we’d prefer, every 6 months. The business environment is changing so rapidly these days. If you don’t have a plan at all, grab a template online and just start filling out as much as you can.

Surround yourself with the right people 

Jim Rohn famously said: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Obviously, that means that your inner circle are incredibly important. So who are your five people? Do they inspire and encourage you to keep on going, even when the chips are down? Or are you constantly finding yourself battling with them – trying to prove your business is legitimate, overcoming their doubts… Life is way too short not to strive for everything you’ve ever wanted and deserve. If you’re aware that your circle of people needs a shake-up, now is a great time to conduct a bit of a people audit.

Get better at managing your time 

You might be rolling your eyes at this heading and shouting at the screen, “how can I get better at time management when I have to do and be everything in my business?” So many people don’t actually know where their time is going so the first step is to document every minute of an average day and how it’s spent. You might just find that answering emails is gobbling up all of your time or that a quick look here and there on social media is eating into your day. Once you know where your time is going, you can put in some measures to ensure you’re spending time on tasks that are helping your business to flourish.

Be honest with yourself 

If you know something in your business just isn’t working, the first step towards improving or fixing it starts with you. Have an honest discussion with yourself, asking these questions:

  • What isn’t working in the business at the moment?
  • How am I contributing to the above?
  • What can I do to combat what isn’t working well enough?

We’re all for being positive and believing in yourself but hoping things will change without driving change, is more wishful thinking than anything else.

Reject your own fear of failure 

Way too many business owners get in their own way of success because they’re actually afraid of chasing their dreams and failing. Others are even scared of succeeding and what that looks like! In our books, there’s no such thing as failure. Just lessons on the long road that is success. We all have negative thoughts and those moments alone that look like this:

  • What am I doing?
  • I want to just run away!
  • Why dont I just get a normal job like everyone else?

Here’s the thing about entrepreneurs: we’re not like everyone else. A 9am to 5pm job isn’t going to keep us happy and in the long-run, regret is the most damaging experience anyone can have.

Like we said at the start of this piece, we know you deserve the kind of lifestyle youve always dreamt of. The above five pointers will ensure youre beginning your 2017 with a bang. Remember, youre not alone. One of our Shockwave business coaches can help you to set goals, stay on track and plan for future success. Start the discussion today by calling us on 03 9016 0428. 

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