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5 of the most common New Year’s resolutions business owners make


The New Year generally goes hand-in-hand with resolutions and other promises we make to ourselves in a bid to set ourselves up for success. Business owners are no different and in fact, this time of the year is even more important for setting goals.

Even if you haven’t had the chance to take time off completely from your business, you would’ve had at least a couple of days to slow down. Most business owners’ brains are ticking 24/7 – here’s something our Shockwave business coaches have learnt by working alongside different businesses across a variety of sectors over the years:

Without committing to creating plans and items to be actioned, that list of goals is likely to become nothing but a wishlist as time passes.

Here’s the thing: eventually, business will get back to being its busy self and you’ll find yourself juggling way too many hats. You’ll be so focused on what needs to get done each and every day that planning for the future will always be put off. And before you know it, we’ll be talking about 2018 (time flies!).

To look at it another way, think about someone who sets a goal to become fitter in 2017. Unless they make time in their schedule to head down to the gym or play a sport/exercise each day, they’re not going to be able to achieve their goal. Additionally, to achieve what they’re keen to, they’re probably also going to have to factor in a healthy diet and plan their meals out.

Back to business: regardless of what your business goals are, now is the time to really hone in on what success will look like for you in 2017 and how you’re going to get there. Here are 5 of the most common New Year’s resolutions our coaches see business owners making each year:

  1. Delegate more 

For many business owners, the art of delegation is a real issue. On one hand, successful delegation is the key to freeing up their time to work on their business instead of in it. On the other, often, they’ve tried to delegate and things haven’t quite gone to plan. Being able to delegate effectively, is one of the most crucial business skills. Here are some pointers  that’ll help to keep you on track when delegating tasks to your team.

  1. Schedule in nothing time

We’ve worked with so many entrepreneurs over the years and if there’s one thing they have in common, it’s this: they’re hard workers. Most are burning the candle at both ends, trying to squeeze as much into their day as possible. It’s only when they change their mindset that they’re able to seize their own freedom and stop allowing their business to run them. When you schedule in nothing time, you’re allowing your brain to rest and giving yourself the chance to get those creative juices flowing. Once business owners turn this corner, we often see their objectives shifting to working smarter, not longer or harder.

  1. Taking regular holidays

Our coaches have been in your shoes before. We know what it’s like to pry yourself away from your business for an afternoon, let another allocate yourself time for regular holidays. If you ask us, society’s shift to wearing the term ‘workaholic’ like a badge of honour, isn’t very helpful. We’re all human and while we all know running a business is hard work, you need to give yourself time to enjoy life. To spend time with your family and loved ones and to do something else but work. Ideally, two small breaks per year works great for most of our clients but if you’re short on cash or just really can’t get away, try taking a long weekend when you can. Even a relatively short break will reset your mind and do you and your business a world of good!

  1. Increase sales by __ per cent (we’ll leave it to you to fill in the gap)

Now this is one our business coaches tend to see on nearly every business owner’s list of goals. It’s all well and good to have expectations of yourself and your business, but unless you’re planning how you’re going to achieve an increase in sales, it’s unlikely to happen (sorry to be the bearer of bad news). This kind of goal is best alongside a working Business Plan and strategic thinking that show the steps you’ll take in the lead-up to increasing sales.

  1. Become an authority in your field

Here’s a generalisation that we’re comfortable making because it’s so evident to us whenever we speak with small business owners: everyone wants PR. We can certainly understand why – PR helps to drive customers to your brand, boost sales and arms you with credibility. There’s no doubt PR is useful once your business is firing on all cylinders. Allow us to explain:

If you haven’t ensured that your website is user friendly, that you have working sales funnels and offers that attract your ideal client, PR isn’t going to help you. Say you generate widespread national coverage. As a result, people will land on your website but because it’s not really doing its job, they’ll bounce right off. This is what we call a wasted opportunity.

The entire Shockwave team are big believers in planning for success. When you come to making your business resolutions this year, if you think you could benefit from the experience of coaches who’ve worked with hundreds of business owners across numerous sectors, we’re just a phone call away. Call 03 9016 0428 and invest in yourself and your business. 

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