Extraordinary things happen because of courageous business owners like you!

These courageous business owners have the courage to pursue their dreams, transforming their great ideas into a huge success. As business coaches and business owners ourselves, we can relate to the difficulties involved in creating a thriving business. Allow us to help you to unlock your life and business potential and live your dream to its fullest.

Take the next step towards your dreams with a FREE 360° Business Review

During your complimentary session, we’ll look into the following nine key areas of your business: strategic planning, leadership, work/life balance, finance/profitability,marketing, sales, service, team, systems and productivity.

Over the years in our own businesses, we realised that if we were ever working over 100 hours per week in one business, it was because we had neglected one or more of these key areas. In turn, these areas would create ongoing issues, which would take us extra time to fix.

We devised this 360° Business Review as our system to regularly check the health of our businesses and now, we want to share our knowledge with you.

Client Testimonial

“We’ve grown our revenue by 6 times! We’ve been working with Shockwave for 12 months and now have a fast growing electrical business. Before, we had lost faith… it was all too hard. We questioned ourselves. When we connected with our Shockwave business coaches, they gave us clarity – now, our aim is to exceed $1 million this year.”
Luke and Matt Parker
LPE Electrical

Partner with a Shockwave Coach

No two businesses and no two business owners are alike. That’s why we carefully match you to one of our Shockwave coaches after assessing your unique business needs. When you partner with us, we’ll start where you are. We work alongside you to apply our expertise to transform your ideas into a profitable, self-running business.

Plan for success

We know extraordinary things happen when you get
clear about your business dreams. Right now, it may feel like you are the only one who knows the true potential of your business.We believe in you! Your business coach will help you to not only gain clarity but to create a Business Plan and Vision.With the right business roadmap, anything is possible!

Creating your success

We’re with you every step of the way. We help you to implement systems that monitor the nine key areas of your business. We also keep you accountable and schedule regular meetings that track your progress, review and adjust your business plans accordingly. With the Shockwave team on board, you’ll find yourself achieving your dreams in the fastest and most sustainable way.


The Shockwave story

Why are most business owners not getting the results they
want and what we can do about it?

They started their business with dreams, hopes and aspired to an amazing tomorrow for themselves and those around them. Yet after a number of rough years in business, they wake up one day feeling like a slave to their growing business.

Does this sound familiar? You are not alone in this situation and we have helped many come out of it successfully. This is how the Shockwave team was born. Today, it is a “powerhouse of knowledge, experience and creativity to help you through the difficulties of running your own business so you can spend more time living the lifestyle you love.

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